Junior Section

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Admission Going On from Play Group to STD V for 2014-15 Session.


Experienced and Qualified teachers are needed to provide our future nation the best quality of Education.


Efficient and Motivated admin people are needed who are willing to work long hours.

Junior Section


Specialized Curriculum Committee of Junior Section:


(1) Ms. Mishahim Ahmed (Educationist)

       Specialized in Junior Section Teaching

(2) Mrs. Fatema Khan

        Founder Principal
        B.S.S., B.Ed., M.Ed. (ongoing) (Asian University of Bangladesh), Bangladesh
        Specialized in Junior Section Teaching 


This includes Early Childhood Education (aged 3 and 4 years) in Play Group and Nursery, Junior Kindergarten (5 years) in KG I, and Kindergarten (6 years) in KG II. Junior Section is the foundation for effective learning. Carefully chosen activity based topics nurture each child’s growth and development. Using manipulative materials, centers, blocks, sand and water, each child’s first experiences are both stimulating and fun. Some children only watch at first but soon choose to become engaged and involved. Our children experience an introduction to literacy and numeracy, songs and rhymes, story time, painting, crafts, and outdoor play.

Our KINDERGARTEN PROGRAM begins to emphasize both literacy and simple printing skills. The alphabet, numbers, simple words and sentences which forms the skill framework for our KG’s. Unit themes are introduced such as our community and our world.