Other Events

Events & Announcement

Admission Going On from Play Group to STD V for 2014-15 Session.


Experienced and Qualified teachers are needed to provide our future nation the best quality of Education.


Efficient and Motivated admin people are needed who are willing to work long hours.

Other Events


Our teaching is not only limited to pen and paper. We will arrange National and International events every year

for our students’ enjoyment and refreshment like:

a. Annual Sports,

b. Art Competition,

c. Quiz Competition,

d. Reading Competition,

e. Annual Picnic, etc.

We will provide extracurricular activity clubs where students get to take time concentrating on their hobbies and

passion. All these activities will make our goals even stronger as they tend to increase our students’ interests

towards their studies and increase their knowledge and awareness.


Annual Picnic:

UIS will arrange yearly picnic and encourage every student along with parents, relatives to attend the event, and

there would be prescribed fees to be paid per person as would be decided by the picnic committee.


Historical Visit:

UIS have plans to take the students for visiting historical places of Bangladesh every year to increase their knowledge

about the country and its historical glory. It will help them keep an open mind and guide them to be the leader of the

future. Experiencing new things can always improve the mind and the way of thinking. UIS have plans to visit -

i.   Lalbagh Fort,

ii.  Ahsan Manzil,

iii. Shaheed Minar,

iv. Jatiya Sangshad,

v.  National Museum,

vi. Currency Museum,

vi. National Zoo etc.