Events & Announcement

Admission Going On from Play Group to STD V for 2014-15 Session.


Experienced and Qualified teachers are needed to provide our future nation the best quality of Education.


Efficient and Motivated admin people are needed who are willing to work long hours.



Uniquely National and International:

UIS is well prepared to welcome students from national and international levels. We aim to develop the children’s level of concentration and their sense of perseverance. We encourage children to interact in groups, share and develop children’s sense of appropriate behavior in various situations. We also work in partnership with parents to educate their children.


Teaching Quality:

UIS will never compromise in quality of teaching methods and will be following very good and systematic discipline and continuous monitoring. UIS will make every effort to provide a warm, caring, supportive environment where children can grow educationally, emotionally sound and strong. Each child is unique and is assisted to develop at his/her own pace.


Training Programs:

UIS conducts training session continuously for its teachers/staff by highly specialized trainers from home and abroad.


Annual Picnic:

UIS will arrange yearly picnic and encourage every student along with parents, relatives to attend the event, and there would be prescribed fees to be paid per person as would be decided by the picnic committee.


Medical Facilities:

Once in a year UIS will arrange health check-up (including eyes and teeth) for students by specialized doctors.


UIS is committed to:

Ø  Inform, Educate and Entertain

Ø  Obtain skills for life (language, computer etc.)

Ø  Learning through games

Ø  Building future leaders for the nation

Ø  Say ‘NO’ to violence, ‘YES’ to care and education

Ø  Say ‘NO’ to drugs, ‘YES’ to sports


Currently UIS Offers:

Day Care         - 6 months to 10 years of age

Pre – School  - 1.5 to 3 years of age

Play Group     - 3 years of age

Nursery          - 4 years of age

(Admission to these programs is based on birth years)

KG I                 - 5 years of age

KG II                - 6 years of age

(Admission to these programs is based on admission test)

Elementary School:

Standard I to V

(Admission to these programs is based on admission test)

High School:

Plans for Standard 6 to 8 are presently in planning and discussion stages.