Code of Conduct

Events & Announcement

Admission Going On from Play Group to STD V for 2014-15 Session.


Experienced and Qualified teachers are needed to provide our future nation the best quality of Education.


Efficient and Motivated admin people are needed who are willing to work long hours.

Code of Conduct


Duties of Parents:

Make sure the child comes to school in time.

Ensure that the child wears the school uniform.

Make sure the child attends school regularly; telephone and subsequently send

     a note of explanation for any absence.


Duties of Students:

→ Be gentle, do not hurt anybody.

Work hard, do not waste time.

Listen to people, do not interrupt.

Be kind, do not hurt other’s feelings.

Be honest, do not cover up the truth.

Believe in Allah and respect humanity.

Look after property, do not waste or damage things.

Respect teachers and elders, love your school mates.

Deal and treat the parents gently with respect and make dua for them.